Why is the Divorce Rate so high?

For many married couples, the concept of happily ever after is merely an unrealistic dream. Despite the best intentions, the divorce rate continues to be quite high. Couples who fall in love typically don’t want to get to the point of divorce, so it’s important to try and understand what may have gone wrong. Here are some common reasons why divorce consumes so many marriages today.

a look at Marriage Relationships

Unrealistic Expectations

One problem in many failing marriages is when couples have unrealistic expectations about what marriage is supposed to be like. Some men and women imagine marriage like a fairy tale, where there is constant passion and excitement. In reality, marriage always proves to be very hard work. Couples who can’t deal with the reality of a long-term relationship may be likely to end up divorced.

Poor Conflict Resolution Skills

Another reason that causes a lot of broken marriages is when couples have poor conflict resolution skills. It’s perfectly healthy to argue and fight when you’re in a relationship, but you have to do it in a respectful way. Divorce lawyers see plenty of examples of poor conflict resolution skills when divorcing couples try to work out their problems, determine child custody and visitation, and split their assets.

Lack of Intimacy

The lack of intimacy is another common reason why couples resort to splitting up and seek to divorce. In a long-term relationship, it’s important to have both emotional intimacy and physical intimacy. Some couples grow apart or get too comfortable. They may stop talking to each other and become distant. Additionally, with busy lives, physical intimacy can sometimes become rare in troubled relationships.

Unclear Roles in the Relationship

Finally, spouses sometimes divorce because of a misunderstanding of their role in the marriage. After having children, women sometimes feel a loss of identity. Men also struggle with their identity in the marriage when children come into the picture. Whatever the reason, it’s important for couples to do whatever they can to build a strong, lasting relationship that doesn’t become at risk for divorce.